Thursday, November 2, 2023

Proud To Be Generals

Last Friday we found out Ariel's new team for Airborne.  The level 2.2 Generals!  She was very excited.  It's the highest level half year team.
These are all the Airborne teams.
Noah's class got to wear pajamas that day as a behavior reward.  I guess Noah must have been behaved too!
Pretty trees.
I noticed the chicken section at the market has gotten really small.  Weird.  
Those are some good looking croissants Ariel.
Noah made some pizza.
Full moon and deer.
It was the big North South game.  The last football game of the season.  I drove Aden and some friends.  I hung out a little.

I hadn't been to a game since Dani was the captain of the cheerleaders 2 years ago.  Wow that went fast.
I knew a bunch of people but I didn't feel like talking.
I didn't stay too long.
When I got home, Victoria was there.  

She has such a huge personality.  

Aden and all the rest of the kids wandered Newtown after the game.  I had to go get him.  Have a great weekend!


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