Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Halloween 2023

Last Tuesday was Halloween!  That's a pretty big day around here.  Didn't Ariel look pretty!
The school parade.  It was chilly so Eli's costume was nice and cozy.  
The principal was great!
There's Noah!
Amy stayed to help with Noah's party.  
The 6th graders get a big combined party.  

Amelia, Tessa, Ariel and Giulz.  
All the 6th graders.
Eli got his haunted house all ready.

We had to find people to come through.  The neighborhood was quiet.  

Then it was time to go out trick or treating.  It was cold!  Crazy we were trick or treating in the City a few days before and it was in the 80's!
Our neighborhood was really quiet.  
So we headed to a different one.  
Much more action here.  
Most of the people were set up outside.  I've never seen that before around us.  It was way too cold.
Checking out the candy.
I had to pick up Ariel late from a friend's house.  It ended up being a fun night.


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