Monday, November 27, 2023

Parent Teacher Conferences

Last Monday, we had a nice visit from the fire department at work.  
That afternoon, Amy and I went to school for Ariel and Noah's parent teacher conferences.  Noah is doing well academically, his behavior is pretty good and he's making some friends.  Ariel's teacher absolutely loves her.  Says she come in everyday with a huge smile and everyone wants to talk to her.  She's starting to like writing! We have to work on her academic self confidence.  Later that night, Noah practiced his viola.  
I took Aden to tennis lessons.  I played with him and totally regressed from the day before.  I was awful!  When we got back, the kids were getting ready for bed.        

Last Tuesday afternoon, we went back to school for Eli's meeting.  We saw some of their artwork.  
Well we were 3 for 3.  Eli's teachers adore him.  They think he's really funny and he's actually doing pretty well academically.  

Eli made us some funny videos.
Later that day, I drove around looking for a fresh turkey.  Yeah, not this one.  Wow they were expensive at McCafferys.  
I got an 18 pounder for like $80.  
They boys worked on their new books they are writing.  

I tried to move a cabinet and the glass door fell off and shattered!  That was a bummer.  


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