Monday, November 20, 2023

Tallit from Israel

Last Sunday, the the girls had a hard time waking up.  
We can't believe we got 5 girls comfortably on the new sofa.

Good morning!
I made chocolate chip pancakes and Ariel's favorite brown sugar bacon.  The strawberries and whipped cream were a big hit too.
The girls had to leave as Ariel had cheer. 
Ariel had a showcase for the Indians.  It was pretty cold out so the girls wore sweats.  
The girls practiced.  
Priscilla's puppy!
We sang the National Anthem.
Then all 6 of the Indians teams performed for the parents.  

Then, Amy and I took Ariel and Noah into Philly for a taste testing.  First we had to drop off Cece with her family.  
Then we went to the Mutter Museum.  It's a Museum of medical oddities at the first hospital in this country!  
We are still searching for a caterer for Ariel's bat mitzvah.  Most of the people there were there for weddings.  
The food was quite excellent.  

Of course dessert was a big hit. 
Wedding cake!  Why yes thank you.  
Then we headed to Ali and Todd's house where they made us a beautiful dinner.  Then they gave Ariel the tallit they bought her in Israel.  

So pretty!  She will us it for her bat mitzvah.  
Sammy also go his!
SO cute!  Future spouses?
Nate and the twins had fun.


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