Thursday, November 30, 2023


Last Friday, I took Ariel to a friend's house.  
Amy's dad came over to replant the plants that were pulled out by deer.  
I finished the Cyberquad.  
I took the twins to Otherworld Philadelphia.  It opened recently.  It's a bit hard to describe.  They took a giant warehouse and made a maze of rooms which were decorated by local artists.  Artists with very twisted visions.  This is the second one in the country.  I don't have much to say just look at the pics.  It was very trippy.  The boys seemed to like it.  

Some stuff was interactive.  The boys made dance music here.  

The gift shop was crazy too.  
Ariel spent the day shopping of course.  
Harper came over that night.  

The girls drilled Eli on multiplication.

Have a great weekend!


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