Sunday, November 26, 2023

Getting Better at Tennis

It's Sunday night and the Eagles somehow managed to destroy us and still win to go 10-1.  Nuts.  

The posts this week will be weird.  I took almost no pictures for a few days.  Last Saturday, Ariel had cheer.  

Fly, Ariel, Fly
Noah doing some Legos.  It was a quiet day.  Amy and I went for Greek food with Felice and Howard that night.  
Last Sunday.  It was chilly but Aden and I went to play tennis with Jaime and Jared.  We played a full set and the old men beat the boys 6-4!  I'm getting better!
Tessa and Ariel being silly.  

Ariel will help cook sometimes.  
Sometimes Aden and Ariel get along.  


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