Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Last Thursday was Thanksgiving!  We spent the whole day cleaning and getting the house ready and cooking.  Luckily the kids kept themselves busy.  I needed about 4 hours to smoke the turkey.  Once I got that going, I was able to play with the kids a little.  
The neighbor kids.  
This is what the turkey looked like when I threw it on the smoker.
I worked on the new Cyberquad.  
Ariel played with the Alien.  

The turkey was just about done!  I love the way it looked.  
Both our families came over as well as our friend Dana and her family.  
Ariel got a new jewelry stand.  
All set up for dinner.  
The smoked turkey came out great!  Amy's mom also made a good roasted turkey for those that didn't like the smoked one.  

I made green beans and Dana and the moms made lots of other veggies.  Amy’s mom also made a roasted turkey!
We pigged out!
Honey played with everyone.  
We watched football and chatted.  
Dessert time.  Half gluten free and half regular.  
Ariel loves the chocolate covered strawberries.  

We hung out late into the night.  
It was tough hosting but Amy worked hard and everyone was happy.  

Silly cousins.  
Honey with her favorite.  


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