Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cousin Picture 2015

Let's finish off last weekend now that the next weekend is here!  Someone found his hands.
Sunday morning we took our annual cousin picture.  Everyone was there except for Justin.  It was the first appearance for the twins.  I think we need a bigger deck!  Melissa made this showing the first and most recent picture.
Here are some of the outtakes.  

We chilled out on the deck for a bit.  It was already hot and no one wanted to move.

 Brody, meet Eli!

 Lunch at Lambertis.
 We couldn't do the beach again.  Too much work.  So off to the pool.

 Eva would not get out once she was in.

Warming up in the sun.

What do you mean it's time to go home?!?!

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