Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dining Al Fresco

It's Tuesday night.  We met more neighbors tonight.  They moved in a year ago across the street and seemed to have been avoiding us but now they seem to want to be our best friends.  They have a daughter in between Aden and Ariel but of course it was Ariel that wanted to play with her. 

Back to Friday night.  We left for the shore at 4:30 and got down by 6:30 taking that route we took a few weeks ago.  The way to Long Beach Island which never seems to have traffic.  We went straight to Barry and Sheri's house on the beach for dinner.  They had picked up food from Bocca in Margate.
The boys were happy to be out of those car seats.
Right to the floor.  It will be so nice when they can sit up.
Our kids were excited to play with Noah and Addison.
You can't beat the view.

Let's go play out there!
Addison wanted to help feed the boys.

Love these pics.

The kids ran all over the beach and I had to chase them.

 The dogs come out late.
 Who needs that expensive/busy Dairy Bar when we can chill on the porch with fruit bars.

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