Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I Want a Bite

Wow, what a difference a few hours can make.  It had been super hot and humid the last few days.  We went out for a walk tonight and all the sudden it was actually cold!  What a relief.  Back to Saturday.  I'm going to keep this brief.

First a trip to the Longport Playground.

 Then hanging at my parent's house.  Aden got so many Lego sets for his birthday.
Some of my boys watching tv.
Hey Eli!
With great effort, we made it to the beach.  Eva just loves the ocean.  My kids won't go near it.  Ariel says she's scared of whales and sharks.

 So serious.
 She dragged around the board for a while but still wouldn't go near the water.
 Super crowded.

Over to the pool for a little.

Mark was double fisting.
 We ate outside at Juniors new fish restaurant.  
 This is depressing.  Anyone want to go in with me?
 Aden went up himself to get a milk shake.

 Then he went up with Ariel to get her a donut.  Some of you have heard this story but our little girl is getting quite the attitude.  We gave her a piece of the donut figuring she would drop it if she held the whole thing.  When we gave her the piece, Amy also asked for a bite.  Our food was coming so I told her just to wait till she was done eating.  So Ariel finished her bite and asked for the rest of the donut.  We said no we would giver her a piece but she got hysterical.  Had to only have the whole donut.  She grabbed it from us and threw it in the trash.  We asked her why she did that.  She said now mommy can't have her bite!  She sacrificed her donut to spite Amy!  Can't wait for those teen years!
 Yummy milkshake.
The food was actually really good.

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