Sunday, July 5, 2015

Welcome to Everyone

It's Sunday night late and we are still trying to get the older ones to bed.  Driving back late from the shore threw them off.  We had a nice weekend though.  Last night was a family barbecue and fireworks and today was a perfect beach day.  Look for those pics later.  Back to last week, the twins had their first music class with Ms. Marilyn.  We were so excited to take them.  It's hard to believe Aden started with her almost 7 years ago.  We need to book her fast for the twin's birthday!  In the parking lot, we ran into our friend Ivy and her identical twins.
Just a bit older.  I think I'm seeing double...or something.
Eli was excited!
So were Ali and Nate!

 As you can see, it was a small class.  The fourth is Christian, Ariel's swim buddy Nicky's brother.
The boy's first Hello song! 

 We tried the bellies.

 Let's dance Eli!

 The both loved watching Ms. Marilyn.

 It will be a little while before they can play with the instruments themselves.
 Nate is such a big boy!
 Get her Noah!

 Nate was very interested in Eli.
Next week, she's merging a couple of the classes so there will be more kids, including several sets of twins!

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