Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rainy Saturday at the Shore

Last Saturday morning, the boys cuddled.

 Amy and her mom drove all the way home for a shower and left me with all 4 kids!  I of course took them to my parent's house.  They got to try out their new chairs.
 It was a rainy day.
 I just slept on the porch for a while.
 Aden and my dad were busy building.
 Ariel entertains herself.

 Two of my boys watching tv.

 I love this.  Noah is in a doll stroller.
 Aden went with my friend Greg and his son Jacob to see Inside Out.  I would have gone but I wasn't sure Ariel could sit through a movie and I don't know if my parents could have handled the twins so Ariel and I did the next best thing, we went to Juniors for doughnuts.  We were the only ones there.
 Aden and Jake at the movie.  The loved it.

 It's hard to see but it was pouring.
 Ariel had the playroom to herself.

 Ariel and her two living dolls.
 I mean Pirate Ariel.
 It seems crazy but they love these strollers.  Amy and her mom drove back in a deluge.
 They sent me out to get food.  The roads were flooded.
 Cars had to stop and turn around.  
 Took me forever to get back.  Had to keep circling back.
 This was approaching the kids favorite playground, which was under water.

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