Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cousins on the Deck

Well it's somehow Thursday already.  Aden's outdoor swim party is supposed to be tonight.  It's going to rain so we running around trying to come up with an alternative plan.  Poor Aden.  Anyway, this is a huge post.  Trying to catch up and it's only the rest of last Friday and part of Saturday.

Still at the pool.

 Ariel's first time on the slide.
 I'm surprised how scared she was.
Time for a pool side dance party!

We tried to go to the Dairy Bar after dinner but it was way too crowded.
The older kids slept over my parents!
Saturday morning, we went back to my parents and lots of cousins came to visit.

Ariel and her coverup.

Lisa is ready for grandkids!

This is the way she was.
Now she's ready for the 4th of July!
Beach time!
 The cool guys.

 Eva was kissing the babies.

 Action shot of my dad and Aden.

 Eva runs right for the water!

 Cool shot.
 My handsome almost 7 year old!
 Elaine and Adam, here for another week.

 The second time Rich has ever held a baby!
 Happy Eli.
 Unhappy Noah.
 Happy Noah!

 Check in tomorrow for another huge update which includes fireworks!

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