Monday, July 6, 2015

Second Kid to Camp

These are all the leftover pics from last week.  Which means the shore will the rest of the week and we will almost be caught up.  

We didn't want them to forget their names.
 They were being super silly and talkative one morning.

 One of my favorite pics so far.

First day of camp for Ariel!
 Back to Breezy Point.  Her boyfriend Dylan is in her bunk!

 Aden after camp.
 Ariel after camp.

 Hanging with the neighbors.
 Why doesn't Ariel water our plants?
 Anytime the neighbors want to take them that's fine with us!

 My grandmother enjoying the babies.

 Aden read for her.
 Let's go outside to play!
I love these long, warm Summer nights.
Ariel pushed daddy on the swing.
 Eli's first time! 
 Ariel pushed him and he did great!
 The neighbors came to play.
 Ariel was really working hard that night.

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