Tuesday, July 7, 2015

$30 Waverunner

We drove to the shore late Thursday night.  The traffic was not bad. We all just went right to sleep.  Friday morning the kids were up early.
 Uh Burghy, that's my baby!
 Melissa and I took the kids to Juniors for breakfast.
 Yummy waffles and doughnuts!
 Back home, Eli was rockin' some new shades.

 Then it was time for a walk to burn off some of those waffles and doughnuts.

 We actually walked pretty far but then ruined it by getting sandwiches at Dino's for lunch.
 Hanging on my parent's deck after we ate.

 He loves them!

 Bubble time.

 It was too late to go to the beach at that point so we went to my parent's pool.  I inflated the waverunner.  That was a big hit.
 Eva loves just floating around.

Hugs from Alex

My current sunglasses broke.  I can't find the last ones.  These are two sunglasses ago and totally the wrong prescription.  Must get to a store.

Look out for the dance party that broke out on the next post!

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