Thursday, July 30, 2015

Party on the Beach

It's after midnight and I'm just starting this.  I hope somebody out there appreciates it!  

First time trying real food!  Noah did better than Eli.
Friday night, we had dinner with Joseph and family before heading to the shore.
Saturday morning.
Noah and his buddy Nate.  Ali and Todd came down for the day and Lindsay and Chad were still there from last week.  Also Todd's brother joined us.
Somehow we got everyone to the beach.
And set up quite a camp.
 Hey Ali and Linds!
 Todd and Sammy.
 Todd and Sammy and Todd's brother and his kids.
 Jax going for a ride on daddy.
 I don't have many pics of my kids but there is Ariel with Sammy.
 Lindsay, Chad and her parents.
 There's Aden.
 Jax wanted to do what Aden did.
 The water was really warm.  All the kids besides mine enjoyed it!

 The Brombergs.
 Cool tent.
 We had a feast on the beach.
 Ariel was almost buried.  
 Lots of help with feedings.

 We made it to the pool for a bit.

 We had such a great day with everyone!

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