Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Elephant Twins

What a beautiful day!  Aden had his 7 year checkup, all is well. We then had Aden's camp visiting day and Aden had his late night at camp.

Back to Saturday afternoon.  We came back from the pool early to get ready to go to the Ocean City boardwalk.  
What should you wear boys?
Can't go wrong with elephants.
We brought the new stroller to the shore just to use on the boardwalk.
Look who we found!
I had to grab a slice of Mack n Manco's pizza.  I didn't let any seagulls steal it from me.
Wonderland Pier.
All the kids had fun on the rides.

Uncle Mark took Aden on some bigger rides.  I can't do anything that spins.  I'm surprised it didn't bother Aden.

My dad and Aden contemplating life.

The babies were good.
Go Eva!

On the move.
It was pretty crowded.
We had dinner.

Then hit the video games!

Some free fudge before we left!

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