Monday, July 13, 2015

Aden's 7th Birthday party

Today was Aden's 7th birthday!!!  He had a great day at camp. Amy and I brought in cupcakes then the whole camp sang to him at the Olympic Day opening ceremonies.  Tonight we had everyone over for dessert including Aden's buddy Jake.  Look for those pics later.  This is a huge post.  It's a combination of mine and Bev's pics of Aden's birthday party.

These guys are just too cool.

"7" soft pretzels.

We took over the place.  Everywhere I turned I saw family and friends.
Aden spent a lot of time in the pool with his friends.
Hey Jason!
Eva modeling Ariel's suit from last year.
Amy and Lindsay.
I love this wrapping paper.
It's great that Aden's party always seems to be when Adam and Brianna are visiting.

The only problem with is party here is that everyone scatters.

The girls tried the lazy river.
Amy, Ali and Nate.
Time for pizza and chicken fingers!

Here comes the huge splash!

Noah looks blond here.
We had lots of helpful hands.

My cuddly boy!

Me with Todd and Chad. I look too skinny!
Cake time.  It was a Goodnoe mint chocolate chip and vanilla ice cream cake.

So happy!

Whose birthday is next?

Aden bravely rode the big slide with Mark a few times.

The girls were sweet and gave Aden hugs before they left.  As I mentioned last week, the rain held off the whole time.  We didn't start to feel drops until after the presents were loaded in the car!

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Unknown said...

Wow, this 7th birthday bash looks spectacular. I loved watching all of these photos. My son’s 10th birthday is coming I would be hosting a fun party at some local outdoor venue New York. I am planning to use star wars theme for that.