Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hide Seek Laugh Repeat

Aden is 7 today!!!  Also the babies are 5 months!!!  We had a nice weekend at the shore.  Perfect weather.  Not too crowded.   We seem to only be able to function though pretty close to the house.  We don't even venture to Ocean City anymore.  This is kind of crazy for my but I'm doing all of last weeks pics, except for Aden's birthday party in this post.  Hope I have enough for the week!  


Music class!
Mason and Max.  Too cute.

 Bigger class this time.

It will be more fun when they can sit up.
Marilyn and baby Nathan.

 Our neighbors tree.
 Yes Alex, two babies.
 It's great when the neighbors want to hold and even feed the babies!
 They built a cool fort in their house.

 I love that they attach notes to Ariel's back at camp.
 Eli shakes that egg!
 More cuddles.
 Hey Uncle Jaime!
 Bath time.
 Still in the kitchen sink.
 I met up with Lou late one night for some guy time!

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