Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ahhhh Bloomingdales!

It's late Wednesday night and I'm tired so you are getting a short post.  Tonight Aden had his second baseball game.  He made a nice play at first base.  I will post that video later.  Noah is finally walking around while holding onto things.  I bet he will be totally walking in no time.  Eli is pulling himself up everywhere.  I guess it's time to finish the baby proofing.

These are from last Saturday.  Everyone into the crib.  As you can see, it was a little too high for Eli and he could probably get out so...  
it was time to lower it.  That was kind of hard.  Glad we are at the bottom!
S0 we woke up to this forecast.  You would never know it was Spring!
It's hard to tell but it was snowing really hard.
 The boys were fascinated.
 Again hard to tell but it was really coming down but not sticking.
The boys were cranky then we put them in their chairs and faced them towards the snow and they both got really quiet!
 She needed a shave.
 I took Ariel to the Willow Grove Mall.  The weather did not improve.
 Now that's a look my girls get when they are in Bloomingdales!
 She thought the security tag was a microphone and sang a few songs.
 We ran into friends registering at Williams Sonoma.  We helped out!

 Daddy and Ariel quality time.

 Ok boys, we are headed out.  We tried to get the twins to sleep before the sitter came but that didn't happen so our 17 year old had to put all 4 to bed.  We met friends at La Stalla for dinner.
Ariel took this of the sitter, who did a great job.  Ariel has been taking a lot of pictures.  I should post more.  It's fun to see things from her perspective.

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