Thursday, April 21, 2016

Beautiful Day for Baseball

Somehow it's Thursday night again.  We are having a hard time getting the older kids to sleep.  Passover starts this weekend.  My least favorite holiday.  It will be nice to see a lot of family but it's really hard to eat all week.  

Sunday all six of us went to the Phillies game.  We were invited by Citizen's Bank to sit in their box.  It was a beautiful day for baseball.
 Nice view!  It was the Phillie Phanatics birthday so there were a bunch of mascots on the field celebrating with him.  Even though we were far away, Ariel was a bit nervous.
 We tried for a family shot.

 They had lots of yummy food for us.
It was Ariel's and Eli and Noah's first time at a game so they got certificates.
 They had ice cream sundaes outside the box.

 They gave out these Phanatic hats.
Being silly.

The babies were really into it!  They were watching and clapping.
The game was pretty good.  The Phillies played well and even had a home run.

 Pretty full house.

 Ariel asked for some hot dog rolls to go.

 Aden tried to keep score.
 She asked for paper to draw on.
 So Ariel has always been scared of the Phanatic.  She sees him at camp every year and will not go near him.  This time she said if she saw him she would give him a high 5!
 So we walk out of the elevator and guess who is standing there?
 Watch Ariel's reaction.
She completely panicked and ran away screaming.
The boys liked him though.
 So we are walking out and finally got Ariel to calm down and reminded her that she was supposed to give the Phanatic a high 5.  She said she forgot!  We stayed till the seventh inning and had a really good time!  Have a great weekend!

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