Sunday, April 3, 2016

Working At The Airport

It's Sunday night.  I have no idea what's going on here.  Ariel had a fever Friday night.  The boys have been off and Aden has a fever tonight.  I'm moving out.  We had a couple of birthday parties this weekend but that was about it.  Winter has returned for some reason.  We had crazy thunderstorms and wind and today so windy it was painful.  Why did we come back from Florida?  Speaking of Florida, these are the last pictures.  Last Saturday we dropped off our minivan.  Yes, it was convenient having the minivan but no, I am not getting one.  I'm about to order a Tesla Model X suv!
 We all flew back together.  We knew a bunch of random people at the airport.  I guess that happens in Ft. Lauderdale.

 Got your snack? Ready to go?
 The twins were good on the flight but again were awake and alert the whole time so it was a lot of work for Amy and I.
 The older kids do this whenever we take off or land.
 The girls kept each other busy for a while.
 Are we there yet?  She asked 1000 times.
 Eli had a comfy seat.
 We made it!  Getting the bags back in Trenton was interesting.  First it seemed to take forever for the bags to get from the plane to us considering the plane was like 10 feet from that door.  Then we had to work!  We had to help push the bags down the belt.  We finally headed out for the quick ride home.
 That night we didn't do anything but eat and get all the kids to bed early.  Sunday was also a lazy day.  We didn't go anywhere or do anything.  Well, Noah was going places, like up the stairs.
 Eli is finally standing up but not climbing.
 Nothing much more to say, just silly kids.

 Ariel reading to the twins at nap time.  She loves to read to them.
 We did get outside a little.  

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