Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Poor Little Guy

I'm going to talk about today before I go back to last week.  What an emotional roller coaster.  Eli had a birth defect that had to be corrected while he was still young.  The doctor wanted to do it at 6 months but I was worried about the general anesthesia on someone so young so I pushed it off till now.  Yesterday I totally panicked and talked to every doctor I could find.  They all convinced us to go ahead.  This is this morning at St. Christopher's Children's Hospital.  Poor Eli had no idea what was coming.  The twins really don't like to be separated.  When we left, Eli was in the car seat and Noah was holding his feet and talking to him.  Noah cried when we left.  Poor thing. 
All dressed in his hospital clothes.
They gave him a sedative so he would be ok when they took him away from me.  It made him loopy.  Check the video.

We wandered around during the 2 1/2 hour surgery.
FInally our baby came back holding his baby and binkie.
Nothing like seeing mommy.
He seemed good. The surgery went well.

It's time to get out of this place.
This was right before bed.  He was fine for a while but got cranky.  
This was 10 pm.   He woke up crying but when we got him downstairs, he was very silly.

He finally went back to bed.
Back to last week.  So happy we can spend more time outside.

 Not loving the grass.
 Ariel keeps picking the dandelions and either giving them to us as "flowers" or she blows them.  Both of which are sweet but not great.

 While Aden was at dance spying on the class before...
 Ariel was at the neighbors bouncing.

 Our swing set seems to be the neighborhood gathering spot.
 I love how the big kids take care of the babies

 Right Eli?
 Right Noah?
 So angry he can't climb the stairs anymore!
 I've shown this before but this is how we wake up.  Amy always denies she takes all the blankets.

 Aden was running at recess and fell on the blacktop.  He didn't cry but we had to go pick him up.  He looked pretty tough for a few days.

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