Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Least Favorite Holiday

Eli was good today.  Pretty much back to himself.  We did though have a hard time getting him back to sleep tonight.  It's the day after surgery so we expected him to be a little uncomfortable but he was in good spirits.  It was freezing today.  I had to wear a jacket.  What happened?  

These are the rest of last week's pictures.  Ariel and Aden had practice at the same time.  I dropped off Aden and headed to Ariel's.

 We went for Rita's Water Ice after.
 Ariel of course made new friends.
 When I dropped off Ariel at school, one of her teachers was showing everyone her new puppy.  Amy has been talking about a dog.  Not happening.

More kitchen craziness.

We took both the boys to the dentist for the first time!   
 Dr. Brian told us all about baby teeth.
 Then they were checked and cleaned.  Noah actually did better than Eli.
 Music class twice in a week?!

 You wonder why they get colds all the time.

 Aden's face was getting better!
 Noah likes to walk around the house.
 Friday night was the first night of Passover.  My cousin Eric drove in from Boston with his girlfriend and kids.  We met for dinner with my family at a diner near me.  My grandmother was excited.
Lucas was cute with the babies.
 We think Eli look like Eric.
 It as the kind of place we could make a lot of noise and a huge mess and not have to worry.

My least favorite holiday.  Thankfully only 2 more days till I can eat bread again!  There are only so many Kosher Crispy O's you can eat for breakfast!

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