Sunday, April 24, 2016

Up The Stairs

It's Sunday night.  All's quiet.  It was a mixed weekend.  Saturday was busy but even though today was beautiful, we did very little besides some much needed work around the house.  Amy dropped her phone and smashed it today.  I guess the Otterbox isn't so great after all.  We will have to deal with that tomorrow.  We finally got to spend some quality time with the new baby across the street. She's about 6 weeks old.  So tiny!  We had no baseball all weekend but we will make up for it this week.  

Here are some leftover pictures from last weekend.  
 Morning fun.
 Hanging on their sofa.
 Eli loves Elmo.
 Uh oh.  Noah would pull every book off the bookcase if we didn't stop him.

 What are you cooking Eli?
 Why hello there.
 We had to move the plant.
 So we turn away for a minute and this happens.
 On their way somewhere.
 Noah needs to turn around and smile to show he's being bad.
 Eli is still going!
 He made it.  Let's just say we immediately put up the gate after this.
 Dinner at my parent's house to celebrate mine and my sister's birthdays.

 Aden and Uncle Mark ran around shooting each other.

 Cake time!
 Fuzzy but you get the idea.
 It was before Passover so we got real desserts.
 Ariel tried to teach Eva to play Candy Land.
 We got back late and the neighbors were still outside.

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