Monday, April 18, 2016

First Base! (and I don't mean kissing!)

It's Monday night and my birthday is almost over.  I got so many well wishes today that it almost made it worth it!  I never loved birthdays but I think I've come to peace with them.  I've also been sick the last few weeks and felt much better today so a big thumbs up all around!  Now we can shift attention to Bev whose birthday is in 2 hours!

Last week Aden went to the doctor.  He loves this thing in the waiting room.  The balls move all around.
Wait, you are holding Eli and not me?
Aden's second game of the week.  First some practice.

 Some pre-game contemplation.
Ready to go!
Action shot.  
 Ariel made friends and had fun.
 Aden played first base.  That's hard!
 Making a play.  The video is below.

Aden making the play at first!

Pass around the babies!

 Noah was watching the boys play.

 Eli crawled over to the fence.

 So he could watch, right?
 We are about half way done baseball for this week's posts!

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