Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Noah and the Chickens

Poor Aden had an accident today at school.  It's not fun to get that call from the school nurse.  He was running at recess and fell on his face.  It's going to look scary tomorrow.  I picked him up and we just cuddled on the sofa the rest of the day.  He never cried but complained about his hands, knees and face.  The principal said he might have to pay for any damage to the blacktop!  I though that was funny but Aden keeps asking me if I will loan him money.  

Back to last Saturday.  We ran right from Ariel's t-ball game to our neighbor Ben's 5th birthday party at Shady Brook Farm.  I have never been to a party there and didn't know what to expect.  First we played on the playground.
 Then we checked out the animals.

  Then we headed for a wagon ride.
 We took a tour of the property.

 Look who met us, Aden and the twins!
Time to pan for gold!

 They had some really nice gems in there!

 Time to bounce.
 Aden chased around neighbor Ryan.

 Noah loved the chickens!
He talked to them.

 We want cake!
 Giant Minion cake!
 Back to the playground before we left.

 Cake face!  Fun party!  Aden is the summer, we should consider it.

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