Tuesday, April 19, 2016

She Lost Her Pants!

It's Tuesday night.  Still waiting for the New York primary results. Not!  I really don't care about this election.  I just want it to be over. Why can't this be like France where there is 2 weeks of campaigning before a vote?  Back to baseball.

I'm sorry this is a long one but I just think the pictures are too funny not to post.  Ariel finally had her first game.  You have to love this look.  Her uniform was huge on her!
Practice time.
I think you are supposed to be able to see!
Somehow she got the ball.
And made a nice throw!

Warmup run around the bases.  Can she see where she is going?

Almost a high five!
Pre game pep talk.

In position.  Maybe.

Get the ball!

Good play!
Time to bat.

Oops lost something on the way.

My champ!

Watch closely!  She loses something else on the way.

Good game guys!
These are just some random leftover pics.  Spring is pretty.

Yes, we finally put the gate back up.
Checking in on the boys while we were out to dinner.

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