Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ariel's First T-Ball Practice

It's Wednesday night and I'm a mess.  I woke up this morning achy and with a really bad headache.  Ariel wasn't much better so both of us stayed home today.  It's all a blur.  I don't know how I'm sitting at the computer now.  Amy also wants me to take out the trash! I just want to go back to bed.

Swing time.

Ariel insisted on getting a car seat for her doll.
Ariel's first t-ball practice!

 Catch some grounders.

 Batting time.  Yes, that is Shane from Ariel's class next to her.  She knew a few of the kids.

 Swing batter swing!

If you would have asked Aden his favorite part of t-ball at the time, he would have said running around with his friends and rolling down the hill.  Funny how things don't change.
Eli is getting much better at standing.
 Eli messing with Aden.

I have a video of the babies dancing.  I usually upload these to youtube but they muted the sound because it was a One Direction song.  I'm trying to find a way to post it.  I think I did!  I understand their copyright claim but seriously, babies dancing.

Kitchen Party from Jerry Wexler on Vimeo.

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