Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Doodle Book

It's Tuesday night and it's supposed to go down to the 20's tonight! Take in your potted plants!  We did!  

Soccer practice at Council Rock South.  (they have lights there) . Nice view of the school from the field.

I'm sad that soccer is almost over.
Aden is really into it.

 Ariel has been taking pictures with my phone.  I found these.  They are either very well done or very creepy.

Aden had a half day so he had a lunch date with Maya.  They worked on activities for the Halloween party.  Both their moms are homeroom moms.

Here is Aden describing his doodle book.

We went to synagogue for a reading event.  Then they had some Sukkot related activities.  Ariel got to hold the lulav and etrog.

 Sammy is a great big brother.
 We kept the babies trapped for a while but then they escaped.
 Aden was at Hebrew school.  His class came out to do some reading in the sukkah.

 Ariel's new thing.  She gives everything a thumbs up or down to most questions or situations.  On the tv, the host was holding a snake.  You can see Ariel's reaction.

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