Sunday, October 9, 2016

Jaxson and the Animals

It's Sunday night and I'm trying to watch the debate.  Is this really happening?  We had a busy weekend including a fun wedding! Aden even ran an American Ninja type race today.  Hard to believe that I haven't finished sharing last weekend yet...

Sunday morning the boys were right back in the dishwasher.
 Then Eli found something else to empty.
 Breakfast time.

All six of us fit so nicely in the new car even if Ariel isn't thrilled to be alone in the third row.  
 We had Jaxson's 5th birthday party at the Barn Nature Center near Doylestown.  We had never heard of this place.  It turned out to be really cute!
Tons of animals everywhere.  Even really huge snakes!  Keep moving Eli!
First we had a little show.  They brought out lots of creatures for the kids to touch.
 Eli was ready.
He grabbed onto Chad's pants.  Wrong dad!
 A bearded dragon!
 Ariel was not thrilled.  I was really surprised at how much she was scared of the animals.

 The babies were curious.
 Big lizard!
 Why are you looking at cockroaches?  
 Cool snake Sammy and Jax!
 Big boy!
 Aden wanted to take him home.
 Cool fish.

 Love the food.
 The kids were still getting their tour.  
 Eli loved the guinea pigs.


 That's a cute animal they put in there!
 Pirate's Booty for everyone!
 Nice elephant!
 Eli escaped and we found him putting his hand in cages.
 Happy Birthday Jax!
 Fun times!

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