Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tap Tap Tap

It's a cold and rainy Thursday night.  We have a black tie wedding this weekend.  I haven't worn my tux in a while.  Good thing I tried it on ahead of time.  I had to have the pants let out a bit.  Oops. That should be fun though.  Aden has a soccer tournament, 3 games in one day!  I promise not to take too many pictures!  I've been thinking about the shore a lot.  We are still at the tail end of last summer so we have such a long time to go.  I can't believe I'm tired of winter already and it's still October!

Last Saturday, Ariel had dance.  Soccer was cancelled because of the weather so I had time to watch Ariel.  We even got there early.
 The moms and me and were sitting in here watching from small tv monitors.  
 Ariel practicing her tap dancing.
 We came home to this.  A normal daily occurrence.  You would think that we would move the cereal higher up.

 Cheerios taste better off the floor.

 It was a lazy, rainy day.  We didn't do much.
 We showed the boys Aden's cars.  They loved them!
 What can we knock over now?

 It was my mom's birthday so our families came over for dinner.  Ariel likes when Bev does her nails.


 Cake time!
 I hope you get your wish!

 Someone enjoyed the cake.

 The next photographer in the family?
 The kids all went to bed fine that night but Eli woke up for some reason screaming around 11.  I took him down with me to watch tv but he quickly fell back asleep.  Have a great weekend!

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