Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Enjoying Those Meatballs

Some random pics to finish off last week.  Bubbie made some yummy meatballs!  We are so happy Aden is eating some more things.   He had to be getting tired of pizza and pasta.  He's seems to be growing quicker now that he's eating meat.  I was hoping that might happen.
 Good big brother.  First he read to Noah.
 But when Eli joined Noah wasn't so happy.
 Get off!
 That's better.
 Oh, what do we have here?
 Ariel and Chloe at school.
 Ariel might be next for the piano lessons.
 Nobody is sleeping.
 Not sure what's going on here.

 Enjoying those last few moments of warm weather.
 Big boy Noah.

 They are starting to get into the cabinet of toys.  That's not a good thing.
 My cousins came up from North Carolina and had lunch with my grandmother.
 Messing around at night.
 They boys wrestle.
 They don't really watch tv yet.

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