Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Eva is a Big Girl

Well I survived another fast.  I was too busy chasing the babies around all day to remember I was hungry.  These will bring us into last weekend.  Lunch at Bonefish.  Eli sure likes fries.
This was dinner at Friend's Bar in Newtown.  Eli was very creative.
A quick stop at Learning Express.
Why would we take Aden and Ariel in here?
We stopped by Melissa's to see Eva's big girl room!
The kids wrestled on Eva's big girl bed.
The furniture was Melissa's from her parent's house.
It looked great!
Poor Burghy.  The babies like to grab him.

We really have to get those cabinet locks fixed.
Saturday morning dance.
Then it was soccer time.  Ariel played with baby Kyleigh a lot.  

Some action shots.

 Go Aden!

 Amy's parents and Judy came.

 My dad too.
Aden was pretty intense out there.  He yelled at the coach whenever he was taken out for a sub.  
 I tried to explain to him that that was fair, there are a lot of kids on the team and that you shouldn't be talking back to the coach.

At least he cares I guess!

 Lilly helped watch the boys.
 They almost came back but they lost.  Aden was upset.  I think they are 2-2-1.  

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