Monday, October 17, 2016

Balls In The Air

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather.  I'm just hoping we get a night with everyone sleeping.  We had a, thankfully pretty rare, bad night last night.  Both the babies got up.  Are they really babies anymore?  Our neighbors have a 1 week old!  Now that's a real baby! He's very cute and so tiny!  

Back to music.  Eventually I will get one with everyone looking!
Both the boys have good posture.  They sure didn't get that from Amy and I.
 Eli was wandering around talking to people.

 Do you remember Aden wearing this shirt?
 Someone needs a second haircut already.
 Big class.

 Jingle jingle.
 Some random in focus shots.

 Who are you talking to now Eli?
 Playing ball with Ms. Marilyn.  

 Balls in the air!
 Fun times.
 Ariel's gym class.

 It's really hard to take pictures.

 As long as she's having fun.

 Uh, Noah, what are doing?

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