Sunday, October 23, 2016

Crying Over Pumpkins

It's Sunday night.  The babies would not stop crying before bed. They are finally quiet.  Wow that sucks the energy out of you.  I could pass out.  We didn't have much planned this weekend but ended up running around anyway.  Let's finish last Sunday with a big post.  

Aden had synagogue youth group trip to a pumpkin patch.  Amy was a chaperone.  I loaded up Ariel and the twins and met them there.  The double stroller fit in the car!  
 Active Acres Farm in Newtown.  Not quite Shady Brook.
 We checked out the animals.

 Took some portraits.

 Then sand art.

 Finally Aden and his group arrived.

 There they are.
 First we did the corn maze.
 The boys wanted out.
 Which way Noah?
 Aden and his friends knew where to go.
There's Ariel!
 Then we took a hay ride to the pumpkin patch.

 The babies hated the pumpkin patch.

 What did you find Aden?
 Nice pumpkin!
 Ariel insisted on taking 3.
 How do you like the pumpkin patch Eli?

 The boys and their booty.
 Later that day the twins were messing around.

 Are those cleaning supplies?  Why yes they are.
 They went from door to door offering to clean.
 Some Viola practice to finish the weekend.

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