Sunday, October 16, 2016

Where Is My Egg?

It's Sunday.  The kids are almost asleep and the house is almost straightened up.  Then our night can begin!  We had a pretty quiet weekend.  We stayed pretty close to home.  It was beautiful though. I hope you all got outside.  

Back to last Sunday.  I got a massage in the morning.  My girl is about to have her fourth kid.  Can anyone recommend someone new?
Then I took Aden to his friend Kira's birthday party at her dad's house in Burlington, NJ.  He was excited to see his buddies.  
Kira's dad does those mudder runs and set up an obstacle course in and around the house for the kids.  It was supposed to be in the yard but it poured the day before and the grass was too muddy. Here Finn is trying it out.
 This is the end of the course.  Climbing the ladder.

 The boys played games while people got in their practice runs.

 Aden's turn!  They had a board with everyone's time.

Aden had some trouble jumping between these.

 Inside the garage to shoot arrows, climb the wall and the ceiling.

 Aden actually finished with the third best time!

Here's part of Aden's run.

Big boy, little boy.
 The kids played in the mud anyway.

 The boys know how to use step ladders.
 Anything good up there?
 That probably explains the egg on the floor!
 We aren't sure which one did it.  Or how they did it but we aren't surprised.  

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