Monday, October 3, 2016

Hit That Pinata

Hey.  It's late Monday and I want to go to bed so here we go...

Amy took Ariel to her buddy Chloe's birthday party at her house while I was with Aden at Skyzone and soccer pictures.  The babies had fun.
 It was a bit chilly but the kids wanted to swim.
 I came so Amy take the babies back to nap.  I got there in time for the pinata.

 Ariel took a couple of good swings.

 Chloe's daddy got tired of waiting for tiny 4 and 5 year old girls to get the job done so he just broke it open.  There was candy everywhere.
 Good haul!

 We stayed for a while after the party so the girls could play.
 They are getting good at using forks.
 And playing the piano.
 Ariel at gym class.
 It's hard to get pictures through the glass.

 All the classes at the NAC kind of stink.  The teachers are all teenagers without a lot of energy.

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