Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Babies and Hula Hoops

It's Tuesday night and I'm working on this while Aden and Ariel are still up.  Aden just showed me his doodle book . I took a great video that I will show soon.  It was so warm again today and tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid to upper 80's!  

Little Miss doing her shopping.  It's nice we can just send her to the market.  Saves us time.  Although she's always distracted with her phone.  
 Anything good out there?
 Pure joy!

 They are getting the hang of the hula hoops.

 Kissy face.
 Big boys.
 Soccer is almost over.  I'm kind of sad.
 I love to see Aden playing with Jake.  They have been friends since they were babies.

 I took the kids up to the school to play.
 T-shirts and shorts at the end of October!

 What kind of trouble can we get in to?
 Climb it Eli!

 These are sweet.

 Dinner at gandmoms.

 I'm going to attempt to watch some tv now.  I'm tired but I'm getting way behind.  

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