Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cheerios, What Cheerios?

It's Wednesday night and Amy and Aden are watching the debate.  I can't stand it all so I have my headphones on.  I'd rather watch Gotham.  Wait, it's 10, why is Aden here?  

We are giving away babies over here!

 I guess he's cute.  We will keep him!
 Ariel went to the doctor with sore throat but the doctor didn't see anything.
 Ready for swim.
 Again the only one in the class.  
 Nothing like getting all the attention.

 Ariel and I ran into her buddy Elizabeth at Ritas.  This was before dinner mind you.
 Yummy lunch at Red Robin.  
 The balloons were the best part.

 We got to meet baby Jacob!  He's so cute and so little.  It's great to have a new baby on the street!
 Ben and Alex love their new brother.
 We found an old Rock n Play for Jake to sleep in.  I guess Noah doesn't remember when this was his.  

 Perfect for baby Jake.
Super moon!
Aden is digging the Viola.
 He's entertaining his brothers.
 He started out just picking.  Now he's learning the bow.

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