Thursday, October 6, 2016


Somehow it's Thursday night already.  We are going to a wedding this weekend.  That's fun!  The hurricane should be hitting Florida soon.  Hopefully everyone is going to be ok.  Back to last weekend.  
Always looking for trouble.
You just have to laugh.
Ariel is enjoying dance class.
I wish we could watch.
Amazing how things change quickly.  The first couple of games were so hot.  This one was freezing!
Some action shots.
 Ben was in goal.
 Aden protected him best he could.

 They lost but had some late goals to make it close.  Aden seemed happy with that.
 Dropping Aden off at Finn's house.  

 Some shots.

 A quick stop by Sammy's house.  Look at Ariel's face.  Sammy was going a little too fast for her.

 Eli looks cool.

 They both had their hoodies.

 Have a great weekend!

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