Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Cool New Car Seats

It's Wednesday night.  It's not fun taking the trash out when it's so cold.  We had Aden's Winter Concert tonight for band and chorus.  It was very nice.  We got over 100 new kids with the redistricting so things sadly will have to change.  There were too many people there!  Speaking of school, here is the entire 6th grade of Holland Elementary.  
 I wanted to get portable car seats in case we travel.  These turn into backpacks.  I got them from London through Amazon UK.  For some reason, they aren't sold here.  
 The boys were cutting out pictures from magazines.
 In backpack form.

 Help yourself Eli.
 Heather helping Eli with his letters.  
 And Ariel with her handstands.  
 Chillin' with my girlie.

 Ariel is always very busy with her dolls.  
 Aden had tennis on Thursday.  

 Poor Amy tried to clean up the playroom.  It's a lost cause.

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