Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Blizzard of Dec. 2, 2019

 It's been kind of warm and rainy the last few days but tonight it's supposed to turn to a cold snow so we will see what it's like when we get up.  We really don't want another snow day already.  Speaking of snow days, we had one week!  These pics are from last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  

Sunday morning we took apart old legos.  
 Ariel got into some slime.  
 Amy and I and Aden and Ariel drove into Philly to meet Amy's mom, sister and Eva to see Shrek the Musical.  First we had a quick lunch.  
 Then we walked to the Walnut Street Theater.  
 We knew a bunch of people there!
 The show was very cute.  
 We all had a great time.  
 I saw this at the theater.  Pretty cool.  

That night was quiet.  
 Monday morning, we woke up to some snow.  The forecast was for a pretty good accumulation throughout the day.  All the area districts had a snow day.  I took Aden to the dentist early and it was pretty slippery.  
 But then it stopped and there was nothing!  That was a waste of a snow day.  
 I went to work and the twins had school so it wasn't too bad for Amy with the older ones.  
 I thought this was funny.  
 Tuesday night Ariel had dance.  

 Aden had basketball.  

 And that's it!

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