Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Holland Elementary Winter Concert

It's a snowy and cold Wednesday night.  I think Aden is old enough to take the trash out.  Speaking of Aden, he went to the Hanukkah Hop at the synagogue tonight.  I think he had fun.  They had a party for the parents next door.  I had some snacks and chatted with some people.  It was slippery driving though.  We should have stayed home.  Anyway, speaking of snow, we had some last Wednesday.  
 That night was Aden's band and chorus concert.  Here's Ariel at the mitten tree.  
 2019 Winter Concert
Aden is the only clarinet!
Here we go!
 They sounded good!

We brought and crowd and so did everyone else.  
 Standing room only!
 Time for chorus!

They filled the whole front of the room.

It was a nice show.  Ariel can start being in them soon!

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