Monday, December 2, 2019

Tumbling in the House

It's Monday night and there are flurries.  There were flurries early this morning and all the districts in the area closed for the day with the threat of more snow.  Well it stopped early and didn't snow all day.  Just some more flurries now at night.  They have been too quick to pull the trigger on the snow days.  
 Speaking of flurries, the week before last, we had our first flurries of the season.  

 Noah can get creative.
 Ariel wrote this to Aden.  
 This was his response.  
 Food shopping time!
 The twins are funny.  They grab the strangest things.  
 They found Marty!
 Ariel busy doing some Legos.  
 Yum. Cupcake.  
 Ariel got a bunch of pads for her birthday.

 Even more cheerleading happening now!

 Even Aden and Heather got into it.

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