Sunday, December 15, 2019

John's 50th

It's late Sunday night.  We had a fairly quiet weekend.  Aden is in the geography bee tomorrow at school.  We are proud and nervous.  We have a very busy week coming up so let me finish this so I can go to bed!

A week ago Saturday, we had a 50th birthday party for our neighbor John.  Ariel got up early and put on her dress and heels and took some selfies!

 I took Aden to his first basketball game.  He plays at his school, which is pretty cool.  I could only stay for a few minutes as I had to get to the party.  My dad came to the game and later took Aden to the party to meet us.  

 They scored 45 points, which is a lot, and won.  Aden had a few baskets.   He loves playing with his friends.  
 We went to the Northampton Country Club for John's party.  And yes, all the kids were invited.
 We got them dressed up too!
 Eli was fascinated by the Christmas tree.

 The neighborhood guys.  
 The wives.

 The kids were cute and fairly well behaved.

 We tried to get a family shot but that didn't work out.  
 Happy Birthday John!

 Love that smirk.
 That night we went out to dinner to Mad Mex with Melissa and Mark.
 Then we hit Bloomies for some late night shopping.
 This was waiting up for us when we got home.  
 Night girlie!

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