Monday, December 9, 2019

Eli and the Camper

It's Monday night and I'm so glad I'm not at the Eagles game.  Not only is it pouring out but the Eagles are losing to the Giants being lead by Eli Manning!  We celebrated Gwen's third birthday today.  How did that happen?  Back to last Saturday.

Ariel and Guiliana had a fun night.  
 But Guilz had to leave early.  
 Amy took Ariel for a haircut.  I took the twins to the library.  
 Such a fun place!

 Noah delivered mail.  

 Eli is ready to go camping.  
 Ariel had fun with mommy.  
 We had a sitter that night and actually decided to take Aden and Ariel with us to the Lucky Well to get barbecue.  It was a mistake.  Both the kids were annoying.  They don't know about dining on a Saturday night.  
 Ariel did keep herself busy.  

 The band started just as we were leaving.  
 I saw this online.  Anyone remember these days?

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