Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Gingerbread House

Happy late Tuesday! I forgot to post this earlier.   These are from last Sunday.  We kept the kids busy by making a gingerbread house!

 Eli ate more candy than he put on the house!
 It came out pretty well!
 I then took the kids to met a friend at the playground.  It was absolutely freezing out.  

 The kids had fun though.

 Amy and Ariel met us but we couldn't stay, it was just too cold.  
 She needs it to be warm so she can ride her new bike!
 That night we went to the Holiday Light Show at Shadybrook Farm.  We waited over 45 minutes just to drive in.  At $30 a car, wow.
 The twins were absolutely thrilled.

 We walked around a little when we were done.  

 It was too cold to stay and cook smores.  
 Good times.  

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