Thursday, August 20, 2020

Cheering on the Boot

It's starting to get cool at night and the sun is going down early!  It's feeling like Fall already.  I think I might cry.  

These are from last Thursday and Friday.  Needless to say, I slept somewhere else that night.  
After camp, yes Ariel went with the boot, there was a surprise from Ariel's shore friend Sydney and her family.  
Yummy cookies.  
Dani was back to help with cheer!

Eli is going to be a flyer like Ariel!
Speaking of cheer, not only did Ariel go but she participated!
While she was there, Amy, Aden and I went to 59 Almshouse for dinner.  I had a drink that was smoking when it arrived!
Rachel picked up Dani, Ariel ran over.
Friday morning, the boys made a fort.  That's nice.  
What a mess!
That night Honey came to visit!

We ate dinner outside.  It was actually kind of cool out for the first time all summer.  

We drove to the shore late, after 8.  There was no traffic and we drove fast.  We made it in well under an hour and a half.  We got to see our tile finally done correctly.  They had to come back during the week to make corrections.  
I ran to Wawa to get milk and saw all the teens hanging out.  That will be our kids soon enough!  Have a great weekend!

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