Sunday, August 9, 2020

Happy Birthday Dad!

It's Sunday night and all the kids fell asleep early, which is great.  We didn't even do anything crazy today.  Back to last Saturday.  It was a beautiful day at the shore.  
I went for a run.  I have been doing about 2 miles.  I'm really getting to know our area well.  I'm not going far because I don't want to get exhausted and not be able to get home so I go in close circles.  
Bubble time.  
I took the 3 to Walmart to get some stuff we needed.  The twins absolutely loved it!
They found what they wanted, not!
Ariel did get a new scooter though.  
Over to the pool to celebrate dad's birthday.  
Just chillin' with my homies.  

Cake time!  Or should I say cakes?!  The birthday boy held the candle that he blew out.  I guess that's a new reality.   

Eli is our birthday cake boy!  

Someone was having a tantrum.  
A little playground time as the sun set helped relax them.  
Feeling better Noah?

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